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About Me

My Philosophy

I don't believe that being Celiac or having a food intolerance or allergy is the end of ever enjoying a good meal or a scrumptious dessert again.  My focus is on creating bakery and products that taste awesome, have a nice texture, a decent shelf life and have nutritious value. 

Everything I create is with a purpose and good intention not just for my family, but for you and your family also.

In 2014, my life changed dramatically when I found out gluten was the culprit playing havoc on my health.  My holistic doctor had suggested I give it up for two weeks to see how I felt.  It turned out that within three days I was a totally different person. I'd never felt so good. Not willing to eat it for two months to be tested we decided to just say I am gluten intolerant though I do have classic symptoms of Celiac.  Shortly after, my husband, Rick decided to become gluten free and found he felt better.

There aren't any bakeries that offer anything gluten free and what we found in stores was dry, made with preservatives, using mega white rice flour and tapioca starch.  And so Bell Farmstead Bakery & Products was born.

It was important to my family that not only are we eating something that tastes good, but it had to have some degree of nutritional value.  So I learned to create gluten free flour blends instead of using packaged gluten free blends from the store.  Incorporating ancient grains and grains that our ancestors would have grown and used; amaranth, sorghum, millet and oat.  I started experimenting with flaxseed meal, coconut, almond and garbanzo bean flours.  All of these flours/meal brought depth, texture, unique flavor and nutrients to our baked goods. Using these blends I spend a lot of time creating the recipes that we are all enjoying.  My family and I found using organic and non-gmo ingredients not only made everything we ate healthier but enhanced the flavor!

Our chickens are started on a feed special ordered from Virginia that is organic and no soy.  They graduate to a layer feed that is no soy, no wheat.  The extras they get is organic produce which some is grown by me.  The chickens supply the eggs for the bakery.

Bell Farmstead Bakery & Products ingredients are organic, if not organic; non-gmo.  No soy.  No corn. No peanuts.  No xanthan gum.

Bell Farmstead Bakery & Products will do its very best to work with other food intolerance and allergies.

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