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Any product purchased in a jar, if you return jar & lid to me you will receive .50 off of your next purchase of anything in a jar.

Buckwheat Pancake Mix


*Buckwheat flour, *sugar, baking soda, Celtic Sea salt.

*Organic ingredients.

$7.50 Quart

$5.75 Pint

Reminiscent of the old fashion buckwheat pancakes.  Hearty and robust.  We like to add a chopped organic apple and some cinnamon in the batter.  Pats of quality grass-fed butter on top and drizzle warm local maple syrup, a wonderful weekend breakfast or anytime dinner.  Toast left-over pancakes in toaster for a quick morning breakfast.

Made one jar at a time for consistency. 

Oat Flax Ginger Pancake/Waffle Mix

IMG_5016 1.jpg

Gluten free oat flour, *golden flaxseed meal, baking soda, *ginger.

*Organic ingredients.

$7.75 Quart

$6.25 Pint

 Fabulous as pancakes or waffles!  Throw in some fresh or frozen (thawed) organic blueberries for a fresh flavor! Enjoy these for breakfast, brunch or dinner.  Any left-overs are awesome to toast in the morning for a quick nutritious breakfast.

Oat Pancake/Waffle Mix

IMG_5052 1.JPG

Gluten Free oat flour, baking soda.

$7.50 Quart

$6.00 Pint

Oat pancakes or waffles are filling and satisfying.  Extra tasty with fresh or frozen (thawed) organic blueberries.  Top with local maple syrup, fruit or jam.  Fantastic for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Toast left-overs in the morning for a fast, filling breakfast.

Oatmeal Mixes

Quart sizes are 6-8 servings and Pint sizes are 3-5 servings depending on your portion preference.

IMG_5048 1.JPG
IMG_5051 1.JPG

Raisin Cinnamon Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia seed, *raisins, *cinnamon.

*Organic ingredients.

A perfect harmony of cinnamon and raisins in this traditional blend.

Apricot Ginger Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia seed, *sun-dried, unsulfured apricots, *ginger.

*Organic ingredients.

Apricots & ginger make for a perfect bowl of oatmeal any season.

Fig Walnut Nutmeg Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia, *Smyrna figs, walnuts, *nutmeg.

*Organic ingredients.

An unexpected twist in what you would expect in an oatmeal flavor.  Flavorful, hearty and nutritious.

Apple Walnut Cinnamon Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia seed, *dried apples, walnuts, *cinnamon.

*Organic ingredients.

What a wonderful way to usher Autumn in is with the warm and inviting flavor of apples & cinnamon with the crunch of delicious walnuts!

Cranberry Almond Ginger Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia seed, *dried cranberries, almonds, *ginger.

*Organic ingredients.

The wonderful cranberry warmed by ginger. Crunchy almonds just add to this great combination!  Great for a cold winter's day.

Plum Vanilla Oatmeal Mix

*Gluten free whole oats, *golden flaxseed meal, *white chia seed, *dried plums, Madagascar vanilla powder.

*Organic ingredients.

The very smooth flavor of plums and vanilla.  Comforting.


$9.50 Quart

$6.75 Pint

$9.25 Quart

$6.50 Pint

$11.50 Quart

$9.25 Pint

$12.25 Quart

$7.50 Pint

$10.50 Quart

$6.75 Pint

$14.00 Quart

$8.75 Pint


Popover (Yorkshire Pudding) Mix

IMG_4577 1.jpg

*Tapioca starch, sorghum flour, *brown rice flour, *millet flour, Celtic Sea salt.

*Organic ingredients.


Popovers, or as they call them in merry ole England; Yorkshire Pudding.  Very popular in England, you will find them served in restaurants, pubs and can purchase at their markets.  They enjoy them along side roast beef to sop up gravy.

These flaky light puffs are a perfect accompaniment to soups, stews, chicken, pork chops-just about anything.  We enjoy them quite a bit here and serve them with holiday dinners.

This jar of mix makes 2 recipes. 

Fluffy Dumplings Mix


*Tapioca starch, sorghum flour, *brown rice flour, *millet flour, baking powder, guar gum, Celtic Sea salt.

*Organic ingredients.


Mmmm...Fluffy dumplings in a hot stew can't be beat.  So comforting and warming when the weather turns nippy or it's just down right cold outside.

Homemade Egg Noodle Mix

IMG_0358 1.jpg

*Tapioca starch, sorghum flour, *millet flour, arrowroot starch, guar gum, Celtic Sea salt.

*Organic ingredients.


The mix makes  a little over 3-lbs. of pasta.  I do not recommend using a pasta machine because it is sticky.

This pasta is great in soups, beef and mushrooms (or venison) over noodles, chicken, or with spaghetti sauce.  You can also make the potato dumplings for halushki with this mix.

Pie Crust Mix


*Tapioca starch, sorghum flour, *brown rice flour, *millet flour, arrowroot starch, psyllium husk, Celtic Sea salt.

*Organic ingredients.


This recipe makes one double crust.  If you need just one crust or you want to save time baking for the holidays, no problem just wrap the disk/disks in plastic wrap and freeze. Take out the night before and thaw in refrigerator. 

A flaky, tasty pie crust.

Mushroom/Vegetable Batter Mix


Arrowroot starch, *brown rice flour, *amaranth flour, *basil, *garlic powder, Celtic Sea salt, *onion powder, guar gum, baking soda, *white cracked pepper.

*Organic ingredients.


This mix does make a lot of deep fried vegetables.  It will make an 8 oz. container of mushrooms plus a few extra vegetables.  And it is extremely filling, so using half the mix can be considered for two meals.  

Cauliflower, broccoli, sweet onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms can all be used with this tasty batter.

Smooth Hot Chocolate Mix

IMG_3040 1.jpg

*Drinking chocolate, *raw sugar, Madagascar vanilla powder.

*Organic ingredients.

$9.50 Six servings

A hot chocolate that you will savor every delightful drop. Close your eyes as you sip this rich, smooth treat.  Not overly sweet so you will taste this quality chocolate and vanilla.


A light crunchy breading that does not over-power the food.  Wonderful for meat and vegetables.  We like to fry it in organic coconut oil which lends it a restaurant quality flavor.

Depending on the quantity you are making you can usually get two dinners out of this.

IMG_5049 1.JPG

Chicken, Fish, Veggie Breading


*Brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, *basil, *garlic powder, Celtic Sea salt, *cracked white pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

A very versatile breading.  Fantastic for chicken and fish.  Use it with yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, green tomatoes. Try melting provolone, mozzarella or cheddar cheese over the vegetables. Works beautifully if you make parmigiana.

Fish/Seafood Breading


*Brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, *amaranth, *basil, *garlic powder, Celtic Sea salt, *cracked white pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

The amaranth in this light breading enhances the flavor of fish, shrimp, clams and oysters. Also can be used to bread vegetables.

Italian Breading


*Brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, *basil, *oregano, *minced garlic, *thyme, Celtic Sea salt, *cracked black pepper.

A nice Italian blend of herbs that works well with chicken and pork chops. 

Pork Chop Breading


*Brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, *rubbed sage, *onion granules, *smoked paprika, Celtic Sea salt, *cracked white pepper.

Sage is so perfect for pork.  The smoked paprika blends well with the sage and onion.


All spices and herbs are of the highest quality that I purchase from Spicely Organics.  No cross contamination of wheat, barley and rye or many foods that can cause an allergy reaction. The husband suggested I bottle up my creations to share with my customers. 

The jars are bigger than what you would purchase in the store and in glass.  No fillers, chemicals or preservatives; just pure goodness.

IMG_5244 1.JPG
IMG_5245 1.JPG

Venison/Beef Seasoning

$13.75   (3 0z. jar)

*Rosemary, *garlic powder, *marjoram, *onion powder, Celtic Sea salt, *parsley, *cracked white pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

Awesome for venison and beef burgers, roasts, stew, venison or beef over noodles, in gravy, soup or sprinkle it over steaks for the grill. Also quite tasty over brussel sprouts.

Chicken Seasoning

$15.00   (2-1/8 oz. jar)

*Marjoram, *savory, *garlic powder, Celtic Sea salt, *basil, *parsley, *cracked white.

*Organic ingredients.

Use in ground chicken, soup, chicken & dumplings, baked chicken or sprinkle over chicken to grill.  Also wonderful to use with turkey.

Chili Seasoning (Mild)

$10.00   (3-1/2 oz. jar)

*Cumin, Celtic Sea salt,*onion powder, *chili powder, *minced garlic, *cinnamon, *parsley, *smoked paprika, *cracked white pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

The subtle flavor of cinnamon gives the chili a nice twist in old world flavor. Use it not just in chili but oven fries, salsa, add apple cider vinegar and use as a rub for pork roast. 

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

$15.00   (2 0z. jar)

*Rubbed sage, *Celtic Sea salt, *smoked paprika, *chili powder, *cracked black pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

The hint of chili powder adds a nice little zing without being hot to this breakfast favorite.  Add to plain ground pork.  Makes a fantastic sausage gravy,or along side pancakes/waffles, eggs or enjoy as a sausage sandwich with melted cheddar cheese.

Sweet Italian Sausage Seasoning

$15.00   (3-1/4 oz. jar)

*Fennel, Celtic Sea salt, *anise, *nutmeg, *smoked paprika, *cracked black pepper.

*Organic ingredients.

A fresh, very distinctive flavor that you will want to find ways to enjoy it.  Add to plain ground pork, chicken or turkey.  Add cooked sweet Italian sausage to potato soup, spaghetti sauce, top pizza, or make into patties melting mozzarella or provolone cheese on top. 

Seasoning Combinations

The same seasonings except offered in half the size and paired so you can try  out different flavors and not be married to a bigger jar if you don't like it or just need a smaller version. This makes a great gift!  And the decorative jars can be used for many things.

IMG_5288 1.jpg

Venison & Beef/Chicken Seasonings

Venison & Beef/Chili Seasonings

Venison & Beef/Breakfast Sausage Seasonings

Venison & Beef/Sweet Italian Sausage


Chicken/Chili Seasonings

Chicken/Breakfast Sausage Seasonings

Chicken/Sweet Italian Sausage Seasonings

Chili/Breakfast Sausage Seasonings

Chili/Sweet Italian Sausage Seasonings

Breakfast Sausage/Sweet Italian Sausage Seasonings











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